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What to do in Chiny?

The Semois is a 2nd category river. This basically means that the average speed of its current is too low to consider it a trout river. There is therefore naturally a wide variety of fish species. Each species corresponds to an authorized fishing period (or a ban). Authorization / prohibition periods make it possible to preserve the reproduction of species.

In Chiny, we therefore mainly fish:

- "White", a generic term encompassing all fish which are not predators

- The predator: perch and pike

- Trout

- Shade, which is a fragile, non-carnivorous fish, and which is fly-fishing (preferably no-kill)

Each year, in Chiny, the Semois is the object of stocking in pike, perch, roach, trout.

Fishing licenses

To fish in Chiny you first need:

1. The license of the Walloon Region (RW): - These licenses are sold by b-post or by internet:

- "large license" to fish in water or "from the middle of the water" on a pontoon or a boat: € 37.18 or

- "small license" to fish from the shore: € 12.39

2. The license of the local fishing company: "The 3 trouts": - sold at the Chiny Tourist Office, at the EpiCerise, at the Moulin Cambier and at Jacquet Pêche in Izel on presentation of the RW license.

- For a fortnight: € 25.00 only in July-August

- For the year: 50.00 €

You therefore need at least 2 licenses to fish in Chiny, or even 3 if you are fishing in  the license areas of the DNF . The route is interspersed with a few private sections, for these areas, you simply need the license from the Walloon Region and the owner's agreement.


Local fishing regulations

Legal size of fish catch (mesh)

Barbel30 cm Hotu25 cm

Black-bass18 cm Shadow28 cm

Pike!!! Perch !!!

Carp25 cm Rotengle15 cm

Chub 25 cm Tench 25 cm

Crayfish12 cm Trout !!!

Local particularity in Chiny

Pike 60 cm

Pole 25 cm

Trout24 cm

Today many fishermen practice NO-KILL fishing -  It is about putting back  your fish in the water in great shape, without stress or injury.

How to do ? Barbless on your hooks, with a landing net, and strong fishing line.

Crushing the barbs is also for your safety.

With a landing net to avoid entrapment of the fish in your hands when releasing it. Wet the net and your hands before touching the fish to preserve the mucus that protects it from infection. Many released fish are so crushed from the inside after release that they are in agony after a few minutes. The pleasure of releasing a fish is much greater.

Do not fish too fine, to avoid making the fight last too long (production of lactic acid fatal to the trout afterwards)

Stocking dates for trout:

2017: March 17: 50 kg - April 14: 50 kg - May 19: 50 kg - June 02: 110 kg -  June 16: 50 kg - July 07: 50 kg - Fishing prohibited on restocking days.



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